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When you’re out on the road, there are millions of dangers that have the potential to damage your Tesla. Bugs, tree sap, dirt, rocks, and harsh weather are some of the natural factors that put your car paint at risk. With these hazards waiting for you on the road every time you put your vehicle into drive, you’ll need to protect yourself and your Tesla with one of many paint protection options. Ceramic coatings and paint protection films (PPF) are two of the most common mechanisms for protecting your Tesla’s paint. Both options work as another layer on your car, enhancing its shine while protecting it from minor dings, UV oxidation, and any other potential threats to your car’s paint. Paint protection offers a layer of defense that lasts, maintaining the luxurious feel of your Tesla no matter where you go.

In this article by Pista Film Solutions, we will review the different paint protection options and their pros and cons that will help you make an informed and confident decision when choosing paint protection to keep your Tesla looking brand new.

Why Tesla Paint Protection Is Important

Paint protection is essential for many reasons, some of which include

01. Increasing the long-term value of your Tesla

Maintaining your Tesla’s factory paint job and protecting it from minor dings, scratches, and stains will make your vehicle more desirable to potential buyers down the road. Paint protection sustains the brand-new look of your car, aiding in its perceived value at sale.

02. Prevents staining or scratches

With options such as PPF, which provides a physical barrier around your car, you make it more resilient to potential damage. Without protection, your car paint is vulnerable to staining, scratches, dings, and other damage that can be an expensive problem to fix.

03. Withstands extreme weather conditions

In the Pacific Northwest, wind and rain are apparent almost all year round. In the winter, drivers face sleet, snow, and ice that can damage the Tesla’s paint. Protection such as ceramic coating is hydrophobic, allowing water to repel off the car. The layer acts as a sacrificial shield that can withstand these harsh conditions, giving you peace of mind while on the road.

04. Reduces long-term cosmetic repair costs

Any damage, such as minor dings, scratches, and stains, can be a more complex and expensive problem to fix than most people realize. In some cases, entire panels may need to be replaced or repaired for even some of the most minor damage. Protecting your Teslas before any damage occurs is crucial to prevent long-term damage to the exterior.

05. Sustains the visual appearance

Protective paint options such as Ceramic Coatings enhance the shine of your car and accentuate the depth and luminance of your car’s paint. Paint protection film protects your vehicle from permanent damage and keeps it looking brand new.

Types of Tesla Paint Protection

Two main types of paint protection are commonly used within the industry. Ceramic Coating and Paint Protection Film (PPF) both safeguard your paint from minor damage that comes from everyday driving. With both options, there are certain things to consider based on the overall goal of your protection plan. Knowing more about each option and what they do will aid you in choosing which course of action is best.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a liquid polymer solution that creates a semi-permanent chemical bond to the paint, creating a protective layer surrounding your car. To apply a ceramic coating, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned and prepped, removing all chemical contaminants and restoring a smooth and clean surface. Any imperfections left on the car will be sealed onto the paint and stand out compared to the shiny and new coating. Once the vehicle has been deemed adequately prepared by a trained professional, the car will be hand-painted with the ceramic coating in small sections, allowing the coating to bond to the paint properly. Quality application takes time and patience to guarantee an even application throughout the vehicle with no imperfections. Once the coating cures, a final quality inspection is completed before your car is ready to drive.

Someone will likely choose ceramic coating if they are looking for an improved visual aesthetic as well as a decent level of protection. Ceramic coating increases the shine, enhancing the color of the paint and creating a smooth and slick appearance. Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, repelling water and the environmental contaminants found in water that can damage the paint. Ceramic coatings are easy to clean, aiding in the longevity of the visual appearance of your Tesla.

Paint Protection Film

PPF is a transparent, thermoplastic film that adheres to the cars and protects the car’s factory paint. PPF is 100% optically clear, so your factory color is not distorted. To apply PPF, the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris before starting the application process. The film is then precisely measured and cut, often with assistance from a computer template for enhanced precision. Before the film can be laid down, a solution of soapy water is spread over the area. This step created a slick and manipulative surface where technicians could adjust the film to be in the correct position before final placement. The film is then peeled back so the adhesive is exposed, sprayed with more soapy water to prevent premature adhesion, and then carefully pressed into the car’s paint, scraping out all air bubbles and water from beneath the film. Once applied, the technicians will trim any excess film off the sides and often use heat to aid in the bonding process before the final inspection.

Someone may choose PPF coverage if they want to look for a high level of physical protection of the car. PPF offers a thick, physical barrier that is more effective in absorbing the impact of road debris, dings, and other objects that could penetrate the car’s paint. To learn more about how Paint Protection Film works, visit here.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Tesla Paint Protection

When thinking about which paint protection to go with, there are many factors that a Tesla owner should consider before making a decision. Level of protection, cost, and maintenance requirements are just a few things to consider when choosing a protection option. Both PPF and Ceramic coating offer unique attributes that are important to consider based on your paint protection goals.



Protective paint options, just like Teslas, are investments. When making such an investment, weighing the costs and benefits is important to determine what is suitable for you. Of the two paint protection options, Ceramic coating is the most cost-effective option up front. Ceramic coating has a less technical application process, leading to lower labor costs that save you money. However, the coating needs to be touched up over time for proper maintenance, which can add to the bill. PPF brings a much larger up-front cost, often due to an intensive application process. Every inch of film needs to be measured precisely and applied with the utmost care. Both options are fairly pricey but, in return, increase the long-term value of your vehicle.

Protection and Durability

When looking for the most durable coverage for your Tesla, PPF is often the go-to choice. PPF provides a thick physical barrier that is extremely effective in protecting your car. While PPF is more durable, it is also known to have a slightly less visually aesthetic appearance than ceramic coating. If film is not applied correctly, there can be seams and air bubbles or seams between films that are visible on the car that detract from its pristine appearance. At Pista Film Solutions, we recommend doubling up and applying both PPF and ceramic coatings for foolproof protection.

Proper Maintenance

To maintain the appearance and durability of both PPF and ceramic coating, routinely washing your Tesla with a soft sponge or microfiber cloth will help prolong the results. Touchless car washes or Hand washing and drying are recommended for both protection options, as traditional car washes have abrasive brushes and sponges that can harm your car. Keep in mind that ceramic coating may need occasional touch-ups over time to continue to be effective in protecting your vehicle. Other maintenance practices include parking in a garage and using quality products when cleaning, as recommended by your servicer, to ensure the results last.

DIY Tesla Paint Protection vs Professional Installation

Installing PPF or applying ceramic coating is possible to do yourself. However, it is highly recommended to get these services done by a professional. Once PPF film is installed or the ceramic coating is painted on, it is challenging and costly to remove. Quality materials, tools, and equipment are crucial in obtaining optimal results and often not to be included in DIY kits. Professional technicians, such as those at Pista Film Solutions, are trained in the complex installation processes and have the experience that a typical DIYer lacks. Your Tesla is built to last, and professional paint protection can make sure that the exterior of your car does, too.

Protect Your Tesla With Pista Film Solutions

Your Tesla deserves luxury treatment from a professional installer like Pista Film Solutions. When looking at paint protection options, PPF and ceramic coating offer unique protection capabilities to keep your Tesla looking brand new. PPF is usually the go-to option when looking for more durable protection, while ceramic coating offers more visually aesthetic results with slightly less protection. Combining PPF and ceramic coating is an option that can provide long-lasting results that protect your car while looking shiny and new. When choosing a professional paint protection installer, experience, quality tools and materials, and positive reviews are all traits that you should look for. With Pista Film Solutions, we check all the boxes. We pride ourselves on our stellar reputation built on our detail-oriented service and dedication to excellence that delivers results that will have people asking you if your car is brand new for years to come. Why wait any longer? Contact Pista Film Solutions today for a free quote on our Tesla paint protection services!

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