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Color Change Vinyl Wraps

Vinyl Wrap

Vinyl car wrap is a great way to temporarily change your vehicle’s color and finish. Some finishes achieved with vinyl cannot be done with vehicle paint. The possibilities with vinyl wraps are unlimited – gloss, satin, matte, chrome, chameleon (color changing), metallic, glitter – you name it!

Although vinyl wrap adds an additional layer, it does not protect your natural paint from heavy scuffs, scratches, and chips. Vinyl wrap (2mm) is very thin compared to our paint protection film (8mm). If you want to protect your vehicle’s paint, look at our PPF packages. We offer a satin finish paint protection film if you want to spice up the look of your vehicle without compromising the protection.

Whether you are thinking about a full-color change, partial wrap, chrome delete, individual pieces, or vinyl accents, our team at Pista Film Solutions can create a custom look for your vehicle.

Vinyl Accents

Vinyl accents are strategically placed pieces of different colors with vinyl that make your existing vehicle’s factory paint stand out with a custom look. Vinyl accents create a unique visual effect without the commitment or price of a full wrap.

Many of our customers opt for a chrome delete, meaning that visible chrome on their vehicle is wrapped in either gloss or satin black. This may include window trim, grills, mirrors, side molding, trunk trim, etc.

When it comes to vinyl accents, our technicians are experts and install your accents with special techniques and ideas that always result in a clean finish. Vinyl accents allow you to customize your vehicle without a new paint job or full wrap.

Professional Vinyl Wrap Services

  • Professional customer service
  • Expert vinyl custom wrapping
  • Vinyl accenting
  • Leading industry vinyl wrap brands
    • 3M 2080 Wrap Film
    • Avery Dennison
    • ORAFOL
    • Inozetek

Best Vinyl Wraps

We have years of experience wrapping all types of vehicles in every color or finish. Our vinyl car wraps offer the following finish types:

  • Gloss
  • Matte and Satin
  • Brushed Metal
  • Chrome
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Color Flip Available in 100 different colors

Custom Car Vinyl Wraps with Pista Film Solutions

Applying vehicle wraps requires fine-tuned skill, experience, and patience. When you choose to work with Pista Film Solutions, we guarantee you are selecting a company backed by years of successful projects and experience wrapping all types of vehicles. We offer the highest quality vinyl wraps and the most advanced application techniques to ensure that our customers’ luxury vehicles look better than ever. Whether you have a BMW, Lamborghini, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, electric vehicle, commercial vehicle, or truck, put your trust in us today.

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